When you think you have seen it all…

The internet is a wonderful thing. It provides you with more cat pictures you could ever see, it lets you keep live track on the birth-giving process of some lady in England. But most importantly since ever, it connects people with the same interest or the same purpose. We can now all watch Greenpeace boats being run over by whale-hunting ship on youtube and then be very angry about it.

It also enables producers of very specific stuff to reach out to a very specific (and therefore small) group of customers. I can think of nothing that is not for sale on the internet. This on the other side seems to make people think they can make anything, someone out there will be willing to pay money for it. And this is the reason the internet is full of ridiculous stuff you can buy for real money. In the last months, I stumbled upon a few of those and now thought I might as well share them with you.

Let me rephrase the one sentence: People tend to think there is always someone with a shitload of money and no sense whatsoever out there. How else would you explain this: It is a pedal car by Audi, but not one of those working-class plastic things. It is made from wood, leather and mainly aluminium, has seven speeds and disc-brakes, and the slightly questionnable price tag of 10.000 Euros. You could buy a real car for that… by the way, have you ever witnessed how children drive these things? They tend to not care a bit about how expensive their toys are. So I would expect this gem to be badly injured within a few weeks.


Second, losely related to cars, is this, and you might ask what it is. I present to you the (surely) only carbon-fibre bathtub… in the world. Lying motionless in water is now faster and more economical. I mean seriously, it looks astonishing, but isn’t carbon-fibre about lightweight? I hear that is most relevant with things that move. Bathrooms usually don’t move. And do not even think about the price. It is not given, but it will be astronomical.


So let’s say you do not have that much money to spend, but you still long for a stupid product that has a price-tag way beyond its use. Solution is at hand, if you look at the following picture. No its not the bike, neither the girl or the clothes, but you can soon buy the bag, which has the sole purpose of carrying a baguette. And how often have you thought „I want to carry this organic baguette in style to the next pique-nique, but it has a really unpractical shape. If only I could spend a lot of money on something to carry it“. Well it’s good news, because your loaf does not have to feel chilly anymore with this 35-Euro baguette-bag.


The best I have saved up to now, which is still the most ridiculous idea anyone has ever had. Have you ever had a glass of whisky and found it lacked exclusivity, a certain excitement? Something that has nothing to do with the taste, you just thought „Well this whisky is good, I just wish it would be more expensive and I could tell a stupid story about it to my friends“? Someone must have had that thought, because a bunch of German „bros“ (I bet they call each other that) now offers whisky that has been poured over some playmate’s chest. Again: They sell whisky (plus rum and vodka, in fact), that was put into the bottle right after it has flown over a girl’s breast. Not some breasts, but the ones of a playmate of the year. Woohoo. To say this is a bit juvenile is the understatement of the century. When I read about this first I was just sitting in front of my computer mumbling a slow „whhaaaaaat“. I still don’t know what to say. Whaat.



So, if you please, for your shopping cart:





Thanks for the images to the respective sellers.

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