Roundup: This week’s car videos

I am seeing quite a lot good or funny videos on the internet now and then, and I thought I might as well share some of them. So without more introduction, here are a few I found during the last week.

What might happen if you make fun of a dog in a car park. Don’t do it. Or even better: Don’t leave your dog in a parked car.

It may look a bit like Batman’s Tumbler, but it really is a Rescue-Vehicle from Romania, which can not only go anywhere on land, but it is also a boat. Just to run the point home, the video shows it freeing a Hummer from being stuck in a snowdrift.

And we resume on water, but in quite a special vehicle: It is the restored Riva Aquarama boat of Ferruccio Lamborghini, custom-equipped with a pair of Lambo’s V12 engines back in 1968. That’s right, not only one but two of Lambo’s legendary V12 engines they took out of a 350 GT. It may be the most beautiful-looking and -sounding thing on water. Ever.

Anyone here knows I am a fan of the WRC, and this one recaps the Rally Sweden in quite a beautiful way. Lots of slow motions and nice angles. And its only righteous because VW took the WRC title last weekend in France.

Like any reasonable petrolhead, I am also a fan of Top Gear and, as it happens, of racing video games. And now both seem to be coming together. A few weeks ago it was announced that the Top Gear test track will available in the next Forza Motorsport game, and now they included the Stig as well.

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